Virgil's Dewott
Pokemon Biography
Debut The Starter Choice!
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Caught at Aspertia City
Evolves in Prior to BS016
Location With Virgil
Virgil's Dewott is Virgil's starter Pokemon.


Dewott was first introduced as an Oshawott at the lookout in Aspertia City, where he was chosen by Virgil as his starter Pokemon in The Starter Choice!. Later after recieving him, Virgil challenged Corey to a battle in A Strong Rival Battle! and used him against Corey's Tepig. As they were equally matched after a clash of their Flame Charge and Razor Shell attacks, he fell simultaneously with the Fire Pig, resulting in a tie. Virgil and Oshawott stayed in Aspertia City to train until the Gym Leader returns.

It was revealed by Cheren that Oshawott battled and defeated both the Gym Leader's Pokemon.

Prior to BS010, it was revealed that Oshawott trained hard and had become more stronger and faster than Tepig, as shown during their second battle. Meanwhile, Oshawott had the advantage due to his powerful move Aqua Jet weakening the Fire Pig and then finished off with Razor Shell, defeating Tepig before losing to Corey's Frillish.

Later in the Castelia Sewers, it was revealed that Oshawott had evolved into Dewott due to strong training. Dewott fought alongside Corey's Pignite to defeat Team Plasma's Gliscor.


Known AttacksEdit

Move First Used In
Water Gun A Strong Rival Battle!
Tackle A Strong Rival Battle!
Razor Shell A Strong Rival Battle!
Aqua Jet BS010