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is a Pokemon Trainer from Aspertia City. He is Corey's main Battle Storms series rival.


Virgil is a strong and confident person from Aspertia City. Like Corey, he shares the same passion for battling and dreams to become the strongest Pokemon Trainer in the world.


Virgil was first introduced in The Starter Choice!, where he and his friend raced each other through Aspertia City, their hometown, towards the lookout where Bianca was giving away starter Pokemon. He chose Oshawott because of it being high-spirited and strongward like he was.

In The Strong Rival Battle!, he battled Corey during his first major battle. With Oshawott, they were easily matched, but the battle ended when the Sea Otter fell to Tepig, resulting in a tie. Virgil decided to train at the Pokemon Centre until the Gym Leader returns.


Besides his Dewott, Virgil has many other strong Pokemon which are yet to be seen. So far, he has only three of his six Pokemon which are yet to be revealed.

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  • Basic Badge
  • Unknown Badge