Corey's Pignite
Corey's Pignite(2)
Pokemon Biography
Debut The Starter Choice!
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Caught at Aspertia City
Evolves in Defeating Roxie
Location With Corey
Corey's Pignite is the starter Pokemon that Corey recieved from Bianca in The Starter Choice!.


Pignite first appeared as one of the starter Pokemon that Corey had obtained in The Starter Choice!. Tepig didn't listen to Corey very well until it was protected by him when a Gurdurr used Rock Smash which changed the Fire Pig's opinion about him and decided to have Corey as his partner trainer. It later battled Virgil's Oshawott in A Strong Rival Battle! and tied with it due to them both being equally matched.

In Challenge at the Aspertia Gym!, Tepig battled against Aspertia Gym Leader Cheren's shiny Patrat as his last Pokemon. Using the strong training they recieved while battling with Blaze's Pansear, he quickly learns Rock Smash followed by a Flame Charge that knocks out the Lookout Pokemon after countering its Thunderbolt attack, winning Corey's first Gym badge.

In The Battle of Rival Brawlers!, Tepig battled Virgil's Oshawott again near Ononus Town's Pokemon Center. Despite its quick speed and reflexes, it was overwhelmed by the Sea Otter's Aqua Jet and was knocked out by Razor Shell.

In Defeating Roxie!, Tepig was the last Pokemon used against Roxie's Garbodor during the Gym battle at Virbank City's Gym. Despite its powerful Fire-type attacks, the Fire Pig was unable to dodge any of Garbodor's attacks. Just as the Trash Heap used another Gunk Shot, Tepig managed to activate Blaze and then evolved into Pignite, using its newest attack Bulldoze to retaliate against the Trash Heap and then defeats it with an enhanced Flame Charge, winning the Gym battle.


Pignite shares a love and passion for battles with Corey, and is also very courageous and powerful. Pignite is also shown to being able to battle opponents using its battle strengths and quick reflexes.

Known MovesEdit

Moves First Used In
Ember The Starter Choice!
Tackle + The Starter Choice!
Flame Charge + The Starter Choice!
Rock Smash + Challenge at the Aspertia Gym!
Bulldoze + Defeating Roxie!


  • Pignite is the only one of Corey's Pokemon to evolve after 14 episodes.