Duncan Hatake
is the main character of the Pokemon: Battle Storms series.


Corey is described as a courageous, fearless, and impatient person who likes to battle with his Pokemon. As a child, he was inspired to become a strong trainer after seeing Alder, Champion of the Unova League prior to six years ago, battle against Drayden the Dragon Master.


Corey debuted in BS001: The Starter Choice!, where he and his friend Virgil raced toward the town lookout in his hometown of Aspertia City, where they were going to choose their starter Pokemon for their journeys. After choosing the Fire-typed Tepig, he was unable to get it to listen to him until he proved himself to the Fire Pig by protecting it from harm and finally became friends.

In BS002: The Strong Rival Battle!, he had his first major battle against his friend and new rival, Virgil, by using his Tepig against his Oshawott. During the battle, their Pokemon were evenly matched and ended up in a tie. He then vowed to become Champion and headed toward Route 20 to train until Aspertia City's Gym Leader would return.


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  • Corey's character is based on a character in the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 games.