The Blazer Appears! is the 4th chapter of the Pokemon: Battle Storms series.


Corey and Sarah arrive in Floccesy Town where they encounter a battle going on and check it out. What they see is a trainer with spiky red hair battling a trainer's Patrat using his Pansear. His Pansear uses Fkame Burst which knocks it out.

After introcuding themselves to Blaze, he challenges Corey to a battle later on. He then asks them to join him to meet his great uncle, and the two agree. In Blaze's home, he sees Alder was revealed to be his great uncle and is surprised. He is also dissapointed and surprised to learn that Alder was already defeated by a Dragon Master with a Haxorus, and gave the title of Pokemon Champion to that winner.

Corey, now feeling pumped than ever, decides to challenge his nephew, Blaze, who accepts if he uses the Pokemon he started with, referring to his Tepig. Corey accepts.

When their battle began, Corey sends in Tepig while Blaze sends out his Pansear. The battle begins when Tepig uses Flame Charge, but the Fire Temp dodges and used Flamethrower. But Tepig took the damage and retaliated with Ember. Pansear used Flamethrower again and then jumps at it with Bite. But Tepig knocked it off with Tackle abnd then used Flame Charge which damages his opponent alot

Major EventsEdit

  • Corey and Sarah arrive in Floccesy Town.
  • Corey and Sarah meet Blaze and Alder.
  • Corey's Tepig learns Rock Smash.
  • Corey defeats Blaze who joins their group.
  • Alder tells Corey that he could visit Floccesy Ranch.