The Girl and her Snivy! is the 3rd chapter of the Pokemon: Battle Storms series.


After leaving his hometown Aspertia City, Corey arrives at Route 19 where he searches for his first Pokemon to catch. He then runs into a girl who was taking pictures of a flock of Pidove. When she began to shout angrily, she sees Tepig and starts admiring it. She then introduced herself as Sarah, with her Snivy sitting on her lap eating a Rawst Berry. Snivy and Tepig smile at each other as the Grass Snake offers a Oran Berry which made the Fire Pig happy.

Corey tells his sorry, but Sarah already forgives him and knows what Pokemon he should find. She shows him a picture of a Pidove which Corey agrees to capture. Suddenly, Tepig accidentally hits a wild Pidove, but it is angry and attacks him.

Corey orders an Ember attack, and it hits Pidove. But the Tiny Pigeon uses Quick Attack, and Tepig dodged, using a Tackle. Pidove then used Gust to prevent Tepig from using its attack and hits with Quick Attack a dozen times. Tepig then sees Pidove's attacks were getting in the way and decides to ram towards it. As Pidove used Air Cutter, Tepig jumped and spun around while using Ember, blowing away the Gust and hitting with Flame Charge, weakening the Flying-type in the process.

Corey then takes the hesitation to throw a PokeBall and successfully catches his second Pokemon, a Pidove, and rejoices in the capture.

Later, the two find a Pokemon Center and have Tepig and Pidove get healed. Afterwards, Sarah is impressed with Corey's battle style and suggests that she should join him on his quest to challenge the eight Gyms in Unova which he accepts.

Major EventsEdit

  • Corey meets a girl named Sarah who owns a Snivy.
  • Corey captures his first Pokemon, a Pidove.
  • Sarah joins Corey's group.



  • Tepig (Corey's)
  • Snivy (Sarah's)
  • Pidove (Corey's;newly caught)