The Strong Rival Battle! is the 2nd chapter of the Pokemon Battle Storms series.


Following from the last chapter, Virgil demands a Pokemon battle with Corey. He then accepts the challenge, claiming that he will become Pokemon Champion and began their first major battle.

During their battle, Tepig hits Oshawott with Tackle, but Oshawott is still standing strong. The Sea Otter uses the same attack, but Tepig dodges twice and then shoots with Ember. Oshawott deflects with Water Gun and hits back with Tackle, and knocks Tepig into the air. The Fire Pig retaliated back as it chases after it.

The two Pokemon clashed attacks powerfully, without giving up or falling back. Tepig's Ember hits Oshawott while it did the same. Their attacks had giving then equal damage without falling again. Virgil admits that their Pokemon are both equal as Corey yells out that he will become the best in the world.

Their Pokemon looked tired as they began to use their final attacks. Corey orders a powerful Flame Charge while Virgil does the same with Oshawott using Razor Shell. When their attacks clashed, it ended in an explosion. When the dust is cleared, they both had knocked each other out, ending their battle in a tie.

After healing their Pokemon at the Pokemon Center, Corey decides to challenge the Gym Leader while Virgil suggests that they both should challenge the eight Unova Gyms in order, which Corey agrees. But when they learn that the Aspertia Gym was closed, Corey decides to travel a little bit and train for his Gym challenge while Virgil decides to wait here until the Gym Leader returns. The two then shook hands and after Corey left the city with Tepig, their rivalry was born.

Major EventsEdit

  • Corey and Virgil have their first battle which ends in a tie.
  • Corey learns that the Aspertia Gym is closed and heads to Floccesy Town to train.
  • Virgil decides to train at Aspertia City.



  • Corey
  • Virgil
  • Cheren (shadowed)


  • Tepig (Corey's)
  • Oshawott (Virgil's)
  • Minccino (wild)
  • Patrat (wild)
  • Pidove (x3)
  • Tranquill (wild)
  • Psyduck (wild)