The Starter Choice! is the 1st chapter of the Pokemon Battle Storms series.


The story begins when a young boy named Corey is racing with his companion and friend Virgil towards the lookout in Aspertia City. As the boys have arrived at the lookout, they are encountered by a girl who is named Bianca. She introduces herself as Professor Juniper's assistant and is happy to give them both their first Pokemon. She then holds a case filled with the three starter Pokemon inside and opens the case, showing the PokeBalls. Corey knows that the one in the middle holds the Fire-type Pokemon tepig, and chooses him. Virgil knows that Water-types have an advantage against Fire-types and chooses Oshawott.

Afterwards, Bianca gives them both their PokeDex and leaves to meet the professor. Corey then runs off before Virgil could ask him something, but grins and leaves.

Corey then sends out Tepig and asks it to use an attack, but the Fire Pig Pokemon resisted doing any attacks, and runs off, upset. The trainer searches to find his starter, but sees that Tepig being surrounded by two wild Herdier who are attacking it. Corey then gets in the way and protects it from a Take Down attack. Tepig then realizes what this trainer has and protects him with Ember. Corey was amazed and decided to test out his new partner. Tepig used an unleashed power from its Flame Charge attacks and defeats the Pokemon. Afterwards, Corey thanks Tepig and they become good friends.

At the Pokemon Center, Tepig had just come out of being healed and returns to his PokeBall. Virgil shows up behind Corey and demands a Pokemon battle.

Major EventsEdit

  • Corey and Virgil recieve their starter Pokemon, Tepig and Oshawott respectively.
  • Virgil demands a Pokemon battle.



  • Tepig (Corey's;new)
  • Oshawott (Virgil's; new)